Freight ferries to Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital of both Gran Canaria and the entire Canary archipelago. It’s a large and prominent city that sees a great deal of freight ferry traffic arriving from elsewhere in Spain. Situated on the eastern tip of the island, this port serves as a popular alternative to Los Cristianos ferry port.

These days, it is easier than ever to reserve freight ferries to Santa Cruz de Tenerife via online booking portal. Setting up your itinerary in this way is a fast and convenient way to go about booking, and it all but ensures that you’ll proceed through check-in without the slightest problem.

Freight ferries to Santa Cruz de Tenerife are mainly operated by Trasmediterranea, though Armas occasional passes through here as well. The main routes are to Las Palmas (3 hours, 15 minutes), which is offered twice daily, and Cadiz (32 hours, 30 minutes), a route that’s in service twice per week.

The port at Santa Cruz de Tenerife is equipped with suitable facilities. These include a few places to secure a meal and a beverage. Furthermore, it is close enough to the city centre for incoming passengers to quickly move out for a better selection of facilities.

Booking freight ferries to Santa Cruz de Tenerife is easier now than it has ever been it eh history of maritime shipping. Potential customers can browse routes and travel times online, selecting their preferred itinerary and paying from the comfort of their home or office computer.

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