Freight ferries to Toulon

Toulon is a famous port city to the west of the famous French Riviera in the south of country and is conveniently located in the middle of both Marseille and Nice, two of France’s most famous destinations. While there are other ways to get to the area if you are going there on holiday, freight ferries to Toulon are often used by those getting their goods across.

If you are planning on transporting goods over to France, freight ferries to Toulon can be used from various ports scattered across the Europe in destinations such as Ajaccio and Rome, the Italian capital, with GLD Lines.

If you are travelling from the UK, it might be better to arrange ferries to some of the other ports in France and then transfer. If your goods are travelling via Corsica or Sardinia however, they can travel to Toulon with companies such as Moby and Corsica Ferries.

Onboard freight ferries to Toulon, regardless of which route you choose or who you choose to sail with, your goods will arrive safely and there won’t be any delays when you finally arrive at Toulon Ferry Port and pass your goods through all the customs checks.

In a similar manner, once you are at Toulon port, you can easily reclaim your baggage and wait in the reception where there are small restaurants and a few cafés that allow you to get a bite to eat before moving on. If at any time you wish to alter things, you can contact your freight company directly.

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