Freight ferries to Trieste

Located in the far eastern pocket of Italy is the small port city of Trieste. Trieste is a small but bustling city, home to a population of over 200,000, and surrounded by the Slovenian border in practically to the north, east and south. The city is renowned for it’s charming old buildings and archaeological remains which date back to Roman times.

The city itself is home to a small port which is serviced exclusively by Ilion Lines. Ilion Lines operates freight ferries to Trieste from Albania’s second largest city, Durres, which takes approximately 24 hours. The service from Durres to Trieste runs three times per week, and carries passengers in addition to freight.

Ilion Ferries prides itself on the best customer service and freight handling, with frequent services operating between Albania and Italy. The company offers some of the world’s most modern equipment aboard their ships, as well as offering a ‘cruise-like’ experience for passengers.

The port in Trieste mostly caters for large cargo ships, however freight ferries to Trieste still operate on a regular basis. In the ferry terminal, visitors can enjoy food at the cafeteria, and relax in the roomy waiting areas. Trieste offers a full range of security, including customs officers and world-class surveillance equipment.

When booking freight ferries to Trieste, customers are strongly recommended to book in advance in order to get the best deal. Those who require the services freight ferry services to Trieste can compare and book their services through Ilion Line’s easy-to-use website.

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