Freight ferries to Tunisia

Freight ferries to Tunisia operate on several routes, arriving exclusively in the capital, Tunis. Popular routes are from France, Italy and the Italian island of Sicily. Sicily is important as it provides the nearest sea connection to Europe. Ferries on these routes are both conventional ferries and RoPax (roll-on/roll-off passenger ferries), but they should be able to accommodate the customer’s desired freight.

Freight ferries to Tunisia depart from Palermo, in Sicily, three times a week in order to make the 11 hour trip. Alternatively, Grimaldi Lines offer a weekly ferry from Trapani, but this route is suspended during January. On arrival in Tunis, travellers will find that the port is split into two areas; they should check where they will arrive with their ferry operator.

In addition, facilities in the ferry terminal are limited; however, shops and restaurants aren’t too far away. Most freight comes into Tunisia through Tunis, so the port is well-connected to the rest of the country by well-signposted highways.

Freight ferries to Tunisia from mainland Europe, depart from Genoa and Civitavecchia in the north of Italy, Salerno in the south of Italy and Marseille in France. Genoa offers the widest variety of crossings; ferries leave Genoa up to four times a week and are operated by two companies, Grand Navi Veloci and CTN Tunisia Ferries.

There are several good price comparison engines available for freight ferries to Tunisia. Alternatively, customers can call an agent who will do the work for them. Finally, it’s worth checking your quotation with the ferry company direct, they may have some promotions that the agent has missed.

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