Freight ferries to Turku

Freight ferries to Turku arrive daily from Stockholm in Sweden with Viking Line. It is an interesting journey, particularly during the last few hours as you enter Finnish territory via the island-strewn southwest. In addition to Stockholm, ferries also arrive from Langnas and Mariehamn.

The ferry port at Turku has been around for donkey’s years, linking the somewhat isolated nation with the rest of Europe. It is today one of Scandinavia’s most important ports, to boot, and provides access to the beautiful old city of Turku.

Facilities onboard freight ferries to Turku are good, with snack bars and shops, along with entertainment areas and spotless toilets. All vessels cater well to disabled passengers, too, with elevators from the vehicle decks and ramps where necessary. Facilities within the port of Turku are also decent.

Turku was the former capital of Finland and is one of the most interesting cities in the entire country. It is right down in the south with freight ferries to Turku and features an array of historical sights, including old wooden houses and churches. There are also some funky museums and galleries in town and nightlife is pumping.

The town is strewn with medieval lanes while a walk up to Turku Castle is a must. It is at the mouth of the city river and dates from the 1200s. It is one of cobbled courtyards and winding staircases and offers fine views. Helsinki is also well within reach of Turku and you can easily explore southern Finland with a hire car.

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