Cheap Ferries from Genoa to Porto Torres

Genoa, a port city in the south of Italy, is one of the busiest sea hubs of the Mediterranean because of its convenient harbour location. Unfortunately, it was severely damaged in WWII, but has since been rebuilt and regularly modernised which has ensured that it remains a fresh and vibrant sea hub. From Genoa, a variety of Mediterranean Sea port cities are connected via ferry routes, including the city of Porto Torres.

The port of Genoa has two terminals for cruise ferries, with plans for a third. Both terminals are designed similar to airports, with faster check-in, restaurants, cafés, shops, ATM’s and information desks available throughout the facilities.

Grandi Navi Veloci is a ferry company that provides services between Genoa and Porto Torres. Founded in the early 1990s as a subsidiary of the Grimaldi Group, it boasts a fleet of modern vessels designed to carry passengers across the Mediterranean Sea more expediently than before. The vessels are renowned for providing unrivalled services onboard their ferries, similar to that of cruise liners.

Some of the ships operating include the Suprema, Tenacia and Audacia, which operate three times weekly during the low season and daily in the summer. The route from Genoa to Porto Torres takes about 11 hours, therefore the vessels are fully equipped to meet passenger requirements. Such facilities include viewing decks, spacious cabins, lounges, restaurants, children’s rooms and several shops.

The town of Porto Torres is an enchanting community on the coast of northern Sardinia, boasting a modest 20,000 residents. Due to Porto Torres’s remarkable and popular attractions, such as Roman baths and the Cathedral of San Gavino, a large number of Italian and international visitors flock to this area each year. The port city of Marseille is also connected via ferry routes to Porto Torres, along with Genoa.

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