Cheap Ferry to Hanstholm Port

With connections to Norway, Iceland, the Shetland Islands and the Faroe Islands for both passengers and cargo freight, Hanstholm is one of Denmark’s most convenient and efficient ferry ports. The harbour is one of the newest inlets in Scandinavia, boasting internationally renowned fishing services.

The port terminal is designed to meet passenger comfort standards, being fully equipped with a number of patron friendly facilities. These include waiting lounges, a café, information desks, restrooms and several vending machines. The location of the terminal is also close to town, where passengers can find money exchange services, restaurants and a variety of shops.

Hanstholm Port connects Denmark to several European destinations with two carriers – Fjord Line and Smyril Line. Fjord Line makes crossings between Hanstholm-Bergen and Hanstholm-Egersund, occurring up to seven times per week during the peak summer months. The company also provides two or three day cruises departing from Hanstholm.

Smyril Line makes the longer routes to Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and the Shetland Islands with its ferries from Hanstholm. Smyril Line operates this crossing primarily during the summer months. The vessel used on this route is the Norrona, which replaced the Gustav Vasa in 2003.

Both ferry companies offer excellent onboard facilities for passengers, including comfortable seating and cabins, bars, lounges, viewing decks, and a wide range of dining options. Fully equipped cabins and restrooms are also available for passengers that require special assistance, and the Hanstholm Ferry Port Terminal provides disabled access and services through ramps and specially fitted toilets.

Hanstholm Port is within close proximity to the town centre. However, the port is also well connected with both Denmark and continental Europe itself. The train network and local airport are about 20 minute journeys from Hanstholm Port, and bus connections are available between Hanstholm, Thisted, Aalborg and Copenhagen.

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