Cheap Ferries from Harwich to Gothenburg

Travelling between Harwich and Gothenburg by ferry was once a very popular way to travel. Today however it is not as popular due to the long journeys. Gothenburg is known as one of the friendliest and most cosmopolitan cities in Sweden while Harwich is one of the most significant harbours in the United Kingdom.

For a long time, the DFDS Tor Line ferry company offered crossings three times a week, taking 36 hours. However, these were replaced in recent years by alternative ferry routes between Gothenburg and the British cities of Tilbury and Inningham.

The ferry terminal port in Harwich is among the most modern in the United Kingdom, with air conditioning, a bureau de change, a refreshment counter, retail shops and roomy lounges where passengers can relax before their voyages. The main tourist attractions within the city of Harwich itself include two lighthouses, one of the oldest cinemas in the United Kingdom, and watching ships along the ocean.

The Port of Gothenburg, the largest in Sweden, opened its Kajskjul 107 terminal for ferry passengers in 2001 just across the Göta River from downtown Gothenburg. The Kajskjul terminal includes a refreshment counter, newspaper and snack shops, and a relaxing departure lounge. The city of Gothenburg is home to many beautiful parks, friendly nightlife, interesting museums, and several American style outdoor coffee shops. Gothenburg is also not far away from the Liseberg amusement park, Sweden’s most popular attraction and Scandinavia’s largest amusement park.

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