Cheap Ferries from Heraklion to Thessaloniki

Heraklion to Thessaloniki ferries depart from Heraklion’s port, which is located in the centre of Heraklion (the capital of Crete). Crete is an island with long north and south coasts which are separated by a series of mountain chains. Crete has a long and beautiful coastline. Heraklion is midway along Crete’s northern coast.

Heraklion Ferry Port features a modern terminal which processes over one million ferry passengers each year. The terminal contains comfortable passenger waiting areas, snack and refreshment bars, and information booths. A selection of restaurants, cafés, hotels, hostels and travel agents are within the vicinity of the ferry terminal. The port offers long and short stay car parking facilities.

Thessaloniki is located in the Macedonian Region of mainland Greece. Heraklion to Thessaloniki ferry services are provided by GA Ferries. GA Ferries has a fleet of modern passenger comfort orientated ships. Other ferry companies offer services but these may involve a change of vessel along the route.

Thessaloniki, or Salonica, is Greece’s second largest city and has a history dating back to 300BC. Ferry passengers arriving in Thessaloniki dock at the city’s port. The passenger terminal is very close to the city centre and is also a stunning building with very good facilities. The Makedonia Passenger Terminal occupies the ground floor of a neo-classical building.

The passenger ferry terminal boasts duty free shops, waiting rooms, cafés and information kiosks. Car parking is available at the port and includes some disabled spaces. Thessaloniki City features myriad museums and archaeological sites. Delightful Thessaloniki landmarks are its Byzantine walls, The Arch of Galerius and the Rotunda of St George.

Thessaloniki Port is a major hub for passenger ferries and also for goods traffic. The port offers easy access to the regions three major roads which have links to the rest of mainland Greece and southern Europe. Thessaloniki Port is one kilometre from Thessaloniki‘s railway station and 15kms from its airport.

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