Cheap Ferries from Hirtshals to Oslo

Hirtshals is a port and fishing town on the upper coast of the Jutland Peninsula of northern Denmark. Oslo is a popular tourist destination and the capital city of Norway. Until May 2008, Hirtshals to Oslo ferry services were provided by one of Norway’s leading cruise ferry operators, Color Line AS.

Color Lines AS closed the Hirtshals to Oslo ferry route to allow it to concentrate on its other routes in the region. The best method of travelling from Hirtshals to Oslo now is to take a ferry from Hirtshals to and then drive or take a train to Oslo.

The ferry crossing from Hirtshals to Larvik takes about four hours. Color Line AS is a subsidiary of Color Group ASA and boasts a modern fleet which offer services covering the whole of Scandinavia as well as Germany. Larvik is 100kms south-west of Oslo. The E18 motorway goes directly from Larvik to Oslo. There are hourly train services from Larvik to Oslo.

The departure point for Hirtshals to Larvik and Hirtshals to Oslo ferry services is Hirtshals’ harbour front, which is one kilometre from central Hirtshals. Until 1919, when Hirtshals’ harbour was built, Hirtshals was just a small fishing village. Today however it is a major transport hub, fishing port and tourist destination.

Hirtshals is located at the Danish end of the E39 national road from Aalborg. Ferries provide the link between the two towns. Hirtshals attractions are shopping, the Nordsøen Oceanarium and Hirtshals Fyr Lighthouse.

Oslo is located at the top of Oslo Fjord and is surrounded by low forested hills. Oslo is Norway’s principal travel hub. Arriving ferries dock at the piers close to the city centre. Oslo is a compact modern city with many attractions, including Akershus Fortress and TusenFryd Amusement Park, most of which are within walking distance of each other.

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