Cheap Ferries from Igoumenitsa to Venice

As international ferry crossings go, the route from Igoumenitsa in Greece to Venice in Italy is quite a long voyage. However, given the pleasant climate in this part of the world, if the sea is calm, the crossing should be fairly comfortable and the ferry does provide a convenient direct mode of transportation.

You have a choice of ferry companies available to you, since both Minoan Lines and ANEK Lines run regular services from Igoumenitsa to Venice. For Minoan Lines, Igoumenitsa is a major hub for both their international and domestic routes, which they have been operating for over 30 years.

You can get some refreshments on board the ferries, like tea and coffee, cold drinks, or snack food. The seating is comfortable and the boats are spacious. Minoan Lines and ANEK Lines have a great safety record.

Located to the east of the island of Corfu, around northwestern portion of Greece, the ferry port of Igoumenitsa is tucked away in side a major naturally formed bay area. Igoumenitsa is an important ferry terminal; journeys can be made to Brindisi, Ancona, Bari, Trieste and Venice. The ferry port has many amenities and you can also wander a little further beyond the terminal to any bank, hotel, shop or exchange. In addition, Igoumenitsa is a popular destination for travellers who seek peace and clement weather conditions.

At the other end of the crossing, Venice is one of the most famous cities in the world. This Italian classic city has nearly as many canals and waterways as it has roads. Downtown Venice is known as Piazza San Marco and this area is particularly popular with tourists and features restaurants, cafes and bars in every corner.

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