Cheap Ferries from Jersey to Poole

Jersey is the most famous of the Channel Islands, located close to the south west of England. It is noted for a variety of attractions including the well known Jersey zoo and numerous beaches. For this reason, Jersey is an ideal place for a family holiday and many people come to visit each year. The capital, St Helier, features a busy port and ferry terminal.

Condor Ferries is the major passenger ferry operator around these islands and they provide a regular service to Poole in Dorset. The journey time is three hours, which is quick given the distance involved. Passengers will need to refrain from smoking whilst travelling aboard the Conder Ferries.

Hot and cold drinks and snack food may be bought at any time during the crossing. These ferries are also fairly spacious. The sea can occasionally get a little rough in this part of the English Channel but most of the time, its fairly calm and if the weather is good, you should be able to see the distant hills of the south coast of England during the voyage.

Both Condor Ferries and the terminal operators at Poole and Jersey strive to ensure that there services are accessible to people with disabilities. To that end, entrances, exits and boarding protocols are designed as far as possible to provide wheelchair access. It is advisable to ensure that any particular requirements you may have are mentioned to Condor Ferries at the time of making a reservation.

One of the world’s largest naturally occurring harbours, Poole Harbour is a busy commercial sea port which serves both cross channel passenger ferries and cargo vessels. The terminal features phone booths, toilets, restaurants and a cafĂ©.

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