Cheap Ferry to Kiel Port

The seaport of Kiel is located in the north of Germany and one of the most dynamic and important ports in the Baltic Sea. More than fifty sailings per week leave Kiel to destinations in Scandinavia and the Baltic’s. A gateway to Russia, Scandinavia and the Baltic States, luxury ferries can take you to such destinations as Lithuania, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The port is large and modern and has a number of facilities to cater for passengers passing through. These include a large number of shops, snack bars and restaurants. The three passenger terminals are also located close-by to Kiel’s vibrant city centre which is a nice place to walk around if you have time to kill.

All the ferry companies operating out of Kiel have disabled facilities onboard including special cabins on some ferries for those with difficulties. It is however advised to warn the ferry company when making your reservation. The passenger terminals themselves also cater to disabled travelers.

Color Line has a daily sailing to Oslo, Norway at 13:30 and arrives in Oslo the following morning. Stena Line offers a daily sailing to Stockholm with large ferries that can take cars onboard as well as foot passengers. Langeland ferries operate two sailings per day (one on Sundays) to Bagenkop, Denmark. Lisco Baltic Service GmbH operates a daily sailing to Klaipeda to Lithuania which takes 24 hours.

You can arrive at Kiel by taking the A7 motorway from Hamburg, heading northbound towards Flensburg. When you reach the Bordersholm motorway junction head onto the A215 and keep going until you reach Kiel. Kiel is connected by rail to Hamburg where you can continue your onward journey. There is also a bus station which offers a six-hour ride to Berlin as well as other services including services to Poland and some Baltic states.

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