Cheap Ferry to Mariehamn Port

Viking Lines and Silja Lines ferry services both dock at Mariehamn Port during their daily ferry services between Stockholm and the Finnish city of Turku. The journey usually takes between five and six hours.

Viking Lines also offers daily picnic day cruises between Turku and Mariehamn, as well as ferry services between Mariehamn Port and the Swedish city of Kapellskär. The crossing between Mariehamn and Kapellskar usually takes two hours, 30 minutes.

A bar, toilets, restaurant, and taxi stand are located at Mariehamn Port in the Western Harbour, while a bureau de change and tourist information centre are just a few steps away. Mariehamn Port was once home to the world’s biggest fleet of sailing ships, and the world’s only four masted bark remaining in its original state, the Museum Ship Pommern, is moored at the Western Harbour.

Mariehamn is such a small town that ferry passengers may stroll from the Western Harbour to the Eastern Harbour in under 20 minutes. In between the two harbours lie the Åland Maritime Museum and many shops selling unique souvenirs and duty free items. Mariehamn’s Eastern Harbour is home to the town’s Maritime Quarter, an ideal place to learn more about the area’s boat building history.

Mariehamn Port is also the best place to start exploring all of the other attractions found throughout the 6,500 Aland islands, known as ‘the Islands of Peace’ and located halfway between Stockholm and Helsinki. Ferry travel between the Aland islands is free and easily accessible by two local bus lines.

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