Orkney Ferries

Each of the Orkney Islands offers its own unique character and with 70 islands in total, there is plenty to explore. Mainland is the largest of the islands however there are further 16 islands with active communities. Each of these islands offers spectacular scenery with and abundance of wildlife, archaeological sites, top-rate accommodation and warm, friendly locals. As a visitor to the islands you will never be short of something to see or do.

A high-speed service is in place that inter-connects the North Islands of Eday, Graemsay, North Hoy, Papa Westray, Sanday, Stronsay and Westray in addition to Egilsay, Rousay and Wyre. There is another service available which connects the South Islands of Flotta, Longhope, Lyness, North Ronaldsay and Shapinay.

Orkney Ferries has a modern fleet of passenger and car ferries which serve the outer isles for longer journeys. Seven ferries in total run between mainland Orkney and 13 other smaller islands. As well as offering sailings in between islands, Orkney Ferries also provide mini cruises and tours of the islands which are a fantastic way to see the islands and experience the abundance of wildlife in the area, the breathtaking scenery and everything else the islands have to offer.

Orkney Ferries’ vessels are all small vessels and provide limited on board facilities for the most part and most of them offer little more than seating and outdoor decks. All of the vessels have disabled access and assistance is provided by staff if necessary.

None of the islands ports have passenger terminals however in most cases they are not far from a small town in village where you will be able to find shops, restaurants and accommodation to suit your needs. It is worth noting that some of the smaller islands don’t have ATMs.

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