Ferries to Poland

Few countries boast a central European location like Poland does and, similarly, few countries can honestly say that its cities are modern yet uphold their historical and cultural charm. If you like travelling on the seas before pulling up in the port in style, ferries are probably the best method of transport for you.

The main port in Poland is found in the city of Gdansk which lies on the coast of the Baltic Sea. From Dsank, it is possible to board ferries to Denmark with companies such as DFDS Seaways three times as week with the total journey being completed in less than 18 hours. While you spend this time onboard, prepare to be well fed and entertained as your ferry tears up the surrounding ocean.

For those looking to the possibility of travelling onboard ferries, the city of Gdynia is another option you have when it comes to Polish ports and is a relatively modern harbour city which continues to go from strength to strength. From Gdynia it is possible to travel to Sweden twice daily from Monday to Friday with the total journey being completed in just under 12 hours.

Swinoujscie is another port city you have the luxury of choosing in Poland and you will be pleased to learn that ferries regularly leave here each evening and head directly to the Danish capital of Copenhagen. If you are travelling at night, you will land in either location in just short of 11 hours while if you opted for a daytime sailing, you will slash two hours of the total time.

Once they step foot of their ferries in to Poland, tourists enter a world of culture and history. In Warsaw and Krakow, the remnants of old royal castles and grand palaces still stand to this day while the trendy inhabitants of these cities also regularly hold art exhibitions and renowned film festivals which keep tourists worldwide flocking to them.

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