Cheap Ferries from Rhodes to Symi

Roditis Ferries operates the route between Rhodes and Symi, connecting these two beautiful Dodecanese islands. With over two decades’ of experience in sea transport, the company has a fleet of six ships. All vessels come with facilities like bars and music, and between them, service key routes between Bodrum, Maramaris and other important Greek islands.

Renowned for its superb scenic beauty, Rhodes is the most visited of the Dodecanese islands off Greece, and is well connected to the other islands by a network of ferries. The second largest of the twelve islands, Rhodes is also the most easternmost of all Greek islands.

One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Colossus of Rhodes was to be found right here, until it was destroyed in an earthquake in 237 BC. While the statue no longer straddles its harbour, Rhodes retains its historical importance, and its Old Town has been declared a World Heritage Site. The north-eastern end of the Old Town is where Rhode’s ferry port is located.

On the other side of the route operated by Roditis Ferries, about 45kms away, lies Symi, another visually stunning island flanked by rugged, mountainous beauty. From the sandy beaches and indented coves on the coast to the tiny, delightful valleys on the interior, there’s a lot to explore on this island.

To the north of Symi lies its capital, consisting of Yialos (the port) and Kato Horio and Ano- the Upper section. The port area is a historical site of considerable importance, protected since 1975. Symi boasts a vibrant nightlife with regular events and a great collection of bars and restaurants. While the ferry is the only way to get to Symi, once there visitors can use the local buses, taxis or even water taxis to discover its unique beauty, untouched by modern developments.

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