Cheap Ferries from Brindisi to Paxi

As the smallest destination within the Ionian Islands, Paxi’s historical significance is that is was once the meeting place for Greek Gods Amphitriti and Poseidon. Just to the south of Corfu, it is neighboured by both Parga and Igoumenitsa. For those who wish to travel to and from the island of Paxi, ferry boats depart from mainland Greece throughout the day.

Brindisi is located on the other end of the Eastern Mediterranean from Paxi. It is an ancient Italian city that has earned the title as the entrance to the sea in recent times. The Frederick II cathedral and Aragonese Castle are just a few landmarks to stop by while on your way to the any of the various ferry terminals.

The Brindisi to Paxi ferry route is available via services from ferry lines such as Snav Ferries. Hellenic Mediterranean lines also connect passengers to Paxi from Brindisi on routes that operate throughout the year. Travellers may also connect to Brindisi from Paxi via hydrofoil boats which take roughly four hours.

It is important to note that Paxi is made up of two islands. Several surrounding islands include Anitpaxos, Nisaki, Katsonisi and Mogonisi. Brindisi is located in the Apulia regions, which has Greece and Albania as its neighbour. Travelling between the Paxi and Brindisi region is also made possible via a number of transpiration systems apart from the ferry.

When planning a trip to or from Brindisi and Paxi, it is best to double check ferry rates throughout the year. Prices on most major ferry lines vary according to the season. Fares typically depend on whether or not it is winter, low, high or medium season. Ferries are generally complete with good facilities and journeys are very comfortable.

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