Cheap Ferries from Douglas to Dublin

Anyone wishing to travel from Dublin in Ireland to the Isle of Man will be pleased to know that you can travel directly, if you go by ferry. The route will take you to Douglas port, which is the main hub for the Isle of Man. Whilst facilities at Douglas port are fairly limited, the port is not too far from the town centre of Douglas, which offers extensive facilities including restaurants and banks.

The route is served by the Steam Packet Company; based in the Isle of Man, which provides standard ferries all year round. In addition, Fastcraft ferries supplement the standard ferries during summer months. These vessels offer a significant reduction in travel time when compared to the standard ferries; two hours as opposed to four.

You will find a moderate selection of refreshments available on board the ferries, although you will have to pay for these. The prices aren’t rock bottom but are also not scandalously high. Even though it’s a four hour journey, the time should pass fairly quickly since you can move about freely on the bigger ferries and enjoy some fresh air on the deck. If the sea is choppy you may want to spend time on the deck and view objects outside of the boat such as waves. This may help to avoid sea sickness.

If you have particular requirements due to a disability, it is advisable to inform the ferry company whilst making your reservation. The Steam Packet Company endeavours to ensure that people with disabilities can use the ferries without any problems.

Being the capital city of Ireland, Dublin has an international port which serves nearly 1.5 million people annually. You will find decent facilities in the ferry terminal building such as baby–changing rooms, places to eat, ATMs and information.

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