Cheap Ferries from Douglas to Fleetwood

If you are travelling from Lancashire in the UK to the Isle of Man, you can actually travel from Fleetwood using a direct ferry service. This will take four hours by sea and the route is operated by the Steam Packet Company. However, it is not a massively popular route and as such, the frequency of crossings is somewhat limited. Therefore it is advisable to book in advance.

When you book, please inform the company if you have a disability which may mean you have specific requirements for the journey. They can usually ensure that such requirements will be met.

You will find refreshment is available on board the ferries, but you will have to pay extra for these. The prices aren’t super cheep but are also not overly high. Even though it’s a journey that takes four hours, the time should pass quickly since you can wander about freely on the bigger vessels and enjoy some fresh air whilst on the deck.

Douglas port serves the Isle of Man and is the major port on the island which is used by ferry routes all over the UK. The port terminal features basic facilities such as a restaurant in the departure lounge. Various vending machines can provide soft drinks and confectionary. Public call phones and other basic amenities will be at hand. Anyone who requires more specific services will have to pop in to the town centre of Douglas. This is not far from the terminal but it may be quite a long walk.

The other end of the route, Fleetwood, can be found on the Lancashire coast. This ferry port is quite small and is generally used for short excursions across the Irish sea. The port has limited services, given its small size. You will, however, find a coffee shop and a store which sells newspapers and miscellaneous items. The town of Fleetwood has banking facilities if you require them.

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