Freight ferries to Alicante

Alicante is a popular tourist resort in Spain’s Valencia region. Capital of its entire region, this city also operates an important commercial port that sees a high volume of passengers and freight throughout the year. Much of the freight ferry service is operated by SNCM and Trasmediterranea, and all connect to Mahon, Palma and Oran ports.

Potential customers encounter no problems booking freight ferries to Alicante through these shipping companies, especially when they decide to book online. In some cases, it’s possible to call the actual shipping company to work out shipping arrangements, but language barriers can be a problem. In many cases, the best deals are found online.

Freight ferries to Alicante arrive from Oran (in Algeria) in about nine hours’ time. Other routes are also in operation, but none of them are as busy as the freight ferry route between Alicante and Oran. Freight ferries to Ibiza and Palma can also be arranged, taking three hours and 6 hours, 30 minutes, respectively.

Facilities at Alicante Port are most than sufficient to handle the amount of freight and passenger traffic that passes through on a regular basis. There are several shops and restaurants, as well as comprehensive transport facilities for those who need to arrange onward freight transportation.

The most practical way to set up freight ferries to Alicante is by making all of the arrangements online. Today’s customers find that the actual shipping companies are seldom set up to deal directly with customers, and it makes much more sense to operate through an online proxy with insider access to routes and preferential rates.

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