Freight ferries to Bilbao

Bilbao is the sixth-largest city in Spain, but its real claim to fame is its port, which is the largest in the country. It operates an important freight ferry service of great use to customers in the modern age. The leading freight transporter at Bilbao port is P&O Ferries, and it primarily operates service to Portsmouth.

Bilbao fronts the Atlantic Ocean, giving unmitigated access to other coastal cities in Western Europe that are centred on the Mediterranean. Freight ferries to Bilbao are can be obtained from P&O Ferries well in advance by taking advantage of online booking channels. Doing so ensures that customers receive the best service available on today’s market.

Freight ferries to Bilbao depart from Portsmouth roughly twice per week. The crossing takes roughly 29 hours, which is why only two are offered. Transportation is provided aboard the Pride of Bilbao. This route works in tandem with an alternate freight ferry route between Portsmouth and Santander, which typically takes fewer hours to complete.

Bilbao ferry terminal has been extensively developed by P&O Ferries, and it provides customers with an extensive range of business and pleasure facilities. There are several restaurants and shops within the terminal, followed by an even greater selection of services in Greater Bilbao, which is not far from the harbour.

The preferable way to book freight ferries to Bilbao is by making use of an online service. This makes it possible to achieve a high level of savings, but it also gives customers peace of mind knowing they won’t have any last-minute hold-ups at check-in.

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