Freight ferries to Bari

One of the largest cities in southern Italy, Bari operates an important harbour with a thriving commercial port. Second only to Naples in this region, Bari is a preferred venue for shipping freight along Mediterranean shipping routes. The major service providers in Bari are Ventouris Ferries and Superfast Ferries.

Booking freight ferries to Bari is possible from several Mediterranean ports. The most popular routes are from Igoumenitsa and Patras, as these are the most important centres of commerce and industry with easy access to Bari. Most of today’s customers choose to book through online channels, though it’s also possible to make bookings in person.

Freight ferries to Bari take several hours to arrive. Freight service from Patras to Bari takes around 15 hours, 30 minutes to arrive, while those from Igoumenitsa reach Bari in 9 hours, 30 minutes. It is also possible to arrange freight ferries to Bari from Durres and Corfu, though these routes are not as busy.

The onsite facilities at Bari freight port are modern and comfortable, and the many freight customers and passengers that find themselves are not lacking in services. There are several restaurants and shops within the port, as well as information desks that can help with questions about local businesses and tourist attractions.

The most practical way to book freight ferries to Bari is by working through an online service. Web booking agencies usually have the most competitive rates on the market, but they can take this a step further by providing fast, real-time quotes and information about itineraries.

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