Freight ferries to Bastia

Bastia is the most prominent port city on the island of Corsica, and it remains an important point of reception for freight ferry shipments. The city doubles as Corsica’s commercial hub, so there are many enticing reasons for travellers and business professionals to travel here. The major freight ferry service providers at Bastia are Moby Lines, SNCM and Corsica Freight.

Customers do not encounter difficulties while searching for and booking freight ferries to Bastia. The most affordable way to make a booking is by using an online service, which often provides discounts and always guarantees convenience over traditional channels. The best online portals also operate customer service lines in case prospective customers have questions or concerns.

Freight ferries to Bastia originate from several other ports in the region. Service is available from Genoa on a daily basis (4 hours, 45 minutes), Nice (four hours), Toulon (9 hours, 30 minutes), Savona (3 hours, 30 minutes), Livorno (4 hours, 45 minutes) and Marseilles (12 hours).

Bastia ferry port receives more than 1.5 million tonnes of cargo every year, securing its position as an indispensable freight hub. The terminal is outfitted with slick, modern amenities and operates extensive passenger services including restaurants and shops. It’s also equipped with comprehensive business and banking facilities.

For most modern customers, there is no substitute for using an online booking site when arranging freight ferries to Bastia. This is preferable for many reasons, including the high level of convenience and competitive rates that doing so offers.

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