Freight ferries to Cherbourg

Situated on the central north coast of France lies the seaside city of Cherbourg. With a population of just under 50,000, Cherbourg is a common stopping off point for cross Channel ferries. Ferries arrive in Cherbourg from cities in The UK and Ireland, and provide an important connection between the three countries.

Despite the small size of the city, Cherbourg is home to a large port which handles a cargo ships, cruise liners and a large number of ferries. Visitors to the port can enjoy a modern and secure environment in roomy surrounds. The port features some facilities including cafeterias and a bar.

Freight ferries to Cherbourg operate from cities in the UK including Poole and Portsmouth, and Rosslare in Ireland. Brittany Ferries provides a cross-Channel connection between the UK and Cherbourg, which takes just over two hours travelling times. The service to Rosslare takes upwards of 20 hours.

Lines operating freight ferries to Cherbourg include Brittany Lines, which operates to Poole and Portsmouth, Condor, which operators to Poole, as well as Celtic Link and Irish Ferries which operate the services to Ireland. All lines have an impeccable safety record and a high level of on-time performance.

For potential customers who are interested in booking freight ferries to Cherbourg are advised to book a few months in advance, as booking close to the day of departure can garner higher price. A search online may prove to be beneficial in allowing customers to check and compare the different rates of ferries departing to Cherbourg.

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