Freight ferries to Calvi

Calvi is a small commune situated on the French Mediterranean island of Corsica, located almost 400 kilometres off the coast of the mainland of France. The city is home to a small population of 5,000, and plays a significant role in bringing in vital supplies of freight and cargo from the French mainland.

The port in Calvi is relatively small in comparison with other ports on Corsica such as Ajaccio. Calvi’s port mostly receives passenger ferry services from the mainland, as well as to the north of Italy. Two companies, SNCM and Corsica Sardinia, offer freight ferries to Calvi.

The most prominent freight Ferry Company operating to Calvi is Corsica Sardinia Ferries. Corsica Sardinia offers freight ferries to Calvi from Nice on the south coast of France, and Savona in Italy’s north. The service operating from Nice runs daily, and takes just under six hours, while the service from Savona runs once a week and takes about six hours.

Another major ferry operator SNCM also offers freight ferries to Calvi. SNCM offer high-speed travel options between the mainland city of Nice and Calvi, cutting the travel time by almost three hours. SNCM have been operating in the region for many years, and is one of the largest ferry operators in France.

Customers who are considering booking freight ferry services to Calvi are strongly recommended to shop around for the best deal. The internet is a great place to look, and booking well in advance should also garner a much better price.

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