Freight ferries to Finland

Finland is not a greatly populated country; however there are densely-populated areas in the south of the country and a growing consumer economy. Therefore freight ferries to Finland depart from several countries in northern Europe, including Germany, Estonia and Sweden.

This freight ferry market is dominated by one operator, Tallink Silja Freight. However, other operators such as RG Line Freight provide some alternatives. Tallink Silja Freight are quick and reliable, while drivers can find their own private areas on the ferries.

Freight ferries to Finland are operated by Tallink Silja Freight and depart from Stockholm, Sweden, to the Finnish port of Turku on a daily or twice daily basis. These departures depend on the time of year. This route to Turku is operated by Sea Wind Line; the ferries are exclusively for cargo. However, Tallink Silja Freight use their own ferries on routes from Estonia and Germany.

Sailings from the Estonian capital, Tallinn, are by far the most popular; there are at least five crossings per day between Tallinn and Helsinki. On the other hand, the economically important route from the German port of Rostock has departures four times a week. The crossing takes more than 24 hours, but connects Finland with the vast European road network.

The other smaller operator of freight ferries to Finland, RG Line Freight, operates services from the Swedish port of Umea to Vaasa in Finland. Sailings with both companies can be booked on +44 870 6263990. Alternatively, Tallink Silja Freight has their own comprehensive website, should customers wish to contact them directly.

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