Freight ferries to Norway

Norway has some of the best road networks in Europe; therefore, travellers on freight ferries to Norway will find that heading on to their final destination is most convenient. Freight ferries to Norway depart from England, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and Germany. Fares can vary, depending on the level of comfort desired and the length of the crossing.

Freight ferries to Norway, from the UK, depart from Immingham on the east coast. DFDS Tor Line offer twice weekly crossings to Brevik, Norway. This crossing is particularly recommended for those transporting new cars. Brevik is well-located on the Oslo Fjord. Many industries can be found here, as well as excellent motorway connections.

DFDS Tor Line also offers other important connections to Norway; freight ferries to Norway depart from Ghent, in Belgium, and Copenhagen, in Denmark. These ferries open up Norway to mainland Europe and the Baltic Sea respectively. Crossings from Ghent depart weekly and take around 33 hours.

Some travellers driving from mainland Europe might be looking for a shorter crossing; the Copenhagen to Oslo crossing takes over 16 hours. One alternative is the crossing from Frederikshaven, Denmark, to Oslo. This crossing with Stena Line freight takes around 8 hours and departs daily.

A lesser known operator of freight ferries to Norway is Color Line Cargo. This Norwegian-based operator departs from Germany, Sweden and Denmark. Certainly, the departures from Hirtshals in Denmark offer an interesting alternative to Stena Line’s crossings from Frederikshaven. More comprehensive timetables and pricing can be found on the excellent Color Line website.

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