Freight ferries to France

France has three main coastlines; however only two of these have major ports which are used for freight ferries. On the Mediterranean coast, freight ferries to France arrive in only one port, Toulon. Toulon is mainly known as a naval port but there are other important industries including winemaking, manufacturing and fishing. The route is operated by Grimaldi Freight and takes just under 15 hours.

On the northern coastline, the English Channel offers many more options for freight ferries to France. Travellers looking for the shortest sea route to France, from the UK, should look no further than Dover to Calais. The crossing takes under 1 hour 30 minutes and there are a huge number of daily crossings. Sea France Ferries and P&O Freight Ferries provide competition when it comes to finding the best fare.

Although Dover to Calais is the most well-known route; there are other ports of departure providing short crossings to France from the UK. Heading west from Dover, there are freight ferries to France from Folkestone to Calais and from Newhaven to Dieppe. Folkestone is located at the end of the M20, providing easy access from London and the M25.

Further west from Newhaven, the large Naval port of Portsmouth has a wide variety of freight ferries to France. Destinations include Le Havre, Caen, Cherbourg and St Malo. Crossings from Portsmouth take longer but are still frequent. For example, Brittany Ferries Freight offer three ferries per day to Caen for the six hour crossing.

Other ports on the UK’s south coast offering freight ferries to France are Poole (to Cherbourg) and Plymouth (to Roscoff, St Malo and Cherbourg). The only freight ferry service from Ireland to France originates in Cork. This service is also provided by Brittany Ferries Freight.

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