Freight ferries to Italy

Freight ferries to Italy originate in several European countries. For example, there are ferries to Bari from Serbia, Croatia, Albania and Greece, across the Adriatic Sea. Bari is the second-largest economy in southern Italy behind Naples; therefore, it is unsurprisingly an important shipping destination. The only other freight port on the Adriatic coast is Ancona, a little further north, which has freight ferry arrivals from Greece.

Salerno is situated almost parallel to Bari, on the Tyrrhenian coast. Here, freight ferries from Valencia, in Spain, dock in Salerno’s port. Salerno’s port is one of the busiest on the Tyrrhenian coast and a mainstay of the local economy. Alternatively, travellers from Valencia can go to Livorno in the far north.

Heading north from Salerno, freight ferries to Italy also stop in Civitavecchia. This is essentially the closest port to the capital, Rome, and freight ferries compete with tourist cruise ships for premium space in this bustling port. Rome is about 90 minutes drive from Civitavecchia. Freight ferries to Italy from Barcelona and Toulon, in France, arrive in here.

Travellers from Barcelona might also like to look into the route to Genoa, north of Livorno. This route could be most useful for freight passengers heading to central Europe. Freight ferries to Italy are a great option for those coming from the far south of Europe who would like to cut out a huge chunk of driving.

Finally, the port of Savona, near the French border, provides connections to Italy from the French island of Corsica. There are freight ferries from three ports on the island’s northern coastline; Bastia, Calvi and Ile Rouse.

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