Freight ferries to Frederikshaven

Frederikshaven, which can literally be translated as ‘Frederik’s harbour’ from Danish, is a popular tourist destination in northern Denmark. As it has a freight port as well however, there are a number of freight ferries to Frederikshaven that sail from ports in the Norway and Sweden.

From Norway, you can use freight ferries to Frederikshaven from the capital Oslo with StenaLine and there are seven sailings every week with each journey taking around eight and a half hours to complete. If travelling from Sweden however, there are a lot more sailings, seven a day to be precise, and the journey, also with StenaLine takes just two hours. In order to book tickets for freight ferries to Frederikshaven, you can book online for the best deals before travelling.

If your goods are travelling from the U.K. however, it would be better to get a ferry connection to one of the larger and more well known parts in any of the Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Norway or Sweden.

If you decide to use StenaLines’ freight ferries to Frederikshaven, you can guaranteed that the whole process will run smoothly. As soon as your freight has arrived, there will be few delays in getting it to where it needs to be.

At Frederikshaven Port, the customs office works efficiently to ensure that travellers aren’t left with long delays just after completing a long journey from elsewhere in Scandinavia. Providing that everything is how it should be, and there are no outstanding issues, you will be dealt with promptly and can be on your way.

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