Freight ferries to Gedser

Gedser is a small town of less than a thousand inhabitants, but is extremely popular as a tourist destination. As the city has a port, a large number of people decide to book freight ferries to Gedser whenever they have goods heading there or wish to take their car.

Due to the town’s destination on an island named Falster in southern Denmark, it is possible for your freight to sail from a variety of ports in Germany in order to get to Gedser. 10 times a day, goods can sail on freight ferries to Gedser from the port of Rostock, and the journey takes around one hour and 45 minutes for you to complete with Scandlines.

In order to use this service, you can use the internet to make a booking or, if you would prefer to speak to a member of staff, you can contact the telephone number provided.

Onboard Scandlines’ freight ferries to Gedser, your goods will be safe and will arrive at Gedser Freight Ferry Port without any delays. Once they eventually arrive, they are guaranteed a swift passing through customs and other checks and you can reclaim your baggage if travelling along also.

In order to arrange tickets for ferries to Gedser, tourists can make a booking online or telephone them on +45 33151515 if you have any further queries regarding sailing times or the facilities onboard their ferries.

With freight ferries to Gedser, tourists can ensure that their goods arrive in this small Danish town in style and they can relax onboard as they make their way up from Germany if they are also travelling.

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