Freight ferries to Grenaa

Grenaa, or Grena as it is sometimes known as, is a town in the centre of Denmark that is incredibly popular with European tourists. As Grenaa is a seaport, many tourists prefer to use freight ferries if they have goods that need to be transported to this part of the world.

When it comes to organising freight ferries to Grenaa, you can look for your goods to travel from the port of Varberg in Sweden as there are plenty of sailings each day and the journey doesn’t take long to complete.

At present, Scandline is the main company that sail to Grenaa and they currently offer 6 daily sailings, with the journey taking a total of four hours and 15 minutes to complete. If you wish to book tickets for freight ferries to Grenaa and want to travel with Scandline, you can make bookings at online or speak with them directly on +45 33151515.

For a rather short journey of just over four hours, and providing that you are travelling with your goods, passengers can do as they wish as they make their way across the sea on freight ferries to Grenaa. Onboard Scandline ferries, you can relax in your own car, or in the lounge, where there are bars and restaurants serving food and drink. You can also take a walk around and buy a few duty-free items from the shops if you wish.

When you arrive at Grenaa Port, you are guaranteed a smooth run through Danish Customs and Immigration and will then have few problems collecting your luggage.

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