Freight ferries to Iceland

Given the relatively remote island location of Iceland, freight shipping has an important role in the country’s economy. Freight ferries to Iceland are only operated by one firm, Smyril Lines. Smyril Lines operate weekly departures to the Icelandic village of Seysdisfjordur from three ports in Denmark.

Firstly, freight ferries to Iceland depart from Esbjerg in Denmark from April to June and also in September. The crossing is a long 66 hours but Seysdisfjordur is the closest port to mainland Europe. The major economy in the local area is fishing and freight passengers heading to the capital Reykjavik will find that it is about 8 hours drive away.

There is also a slightly shorter, 47 hour crossing from Hanstolm in Denmark. This route operates weekly, from June to August each year. However, the shortest crossing is from the Faroe Islands. The Danish islands offer a stopover on the long road journey from mainland Europe to Iceland.

Freight ferries to Iceland depart weekly from Torshavn, in the Faroe Islands, from April to September each year. The crossing takes 16 to 19 hours and once again, this ferry arrives in Seysdisfjordur. Torshavn is located between Iceland, Norway and the UK. Travellers stopping in Torshavn will find a bank and telephones at the port itself, while the town centre is only a short drive away.

The Smyril Lines website has full details of schedules and prices. Alternatively customers can contact their local Smyril Lines agent. Customers looking for door-to-door freight transport should contact Smyril Blue Water. They specialise in freight transport in the North Atlantic.

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