Freight ferries to Morocco

Spain is Morocco’s closest European neighbour; therefore, it is no surprise that most of the freight ferries to Morocco originate in Spain. Ferries on these routes are both fast ferries and conventional ferries; therefore, some ferries may not be suitable for certain types of freight.

The shortest crossings from Spain to Morocco are actually to the autonomous Spanish city of Ceuta, in North Africa. Four ferry companies make this short trip up to 11 times a day. The journey can be as short as 20 minutes and ferries run all year round. Another autonomous Spanish city on the edge of Morocco is Melilla. Daily ferries from Almeria and Malaga make the six hour journey; ferries are operated by Accionia Trasmediterranea.

Freight ferries to Morocco also make the journey from Almeria to Nador (two to eight hours) and from Algeciras to the Moroccan capital, Tangiers (one to three hours). Freight passengers coming from northern Europe might be interested in the twice weekly crossing from the port of Sète, in the south of France, to Nador. The route is operated by Comanav and takes 36 hours.

Travellers arriving in Melilla will find that tit is within easy driving distance of Nador; the N19 is the main route through Nador, while the P39 goes to the freight port. Travellers stopping over in Nador will find a good selection of hotels and restaurants.

Freight ferries to Morocco can be booked on +44 844 576 0060. Operators are able to speak several languages and will help customers find the lowest rates which suit their own personal requirements.

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