Freight ferries to Malaga

On the coast of Andalusia, Malaga is important Spanish city that runs a prominent ferry port. It’s easily reached by car from anywhere in Spain, which makes it a preferential place to send freight shipments from abroad. Malaga freight port is a common alternative to those at Algeciras and Almeria, and it has long played an important role linking Western European to North Africa.

The main company sending freight ferries to Malaga is Trasmediterranea, and most of the services originate from Melilla. Melilla is an autonomous Spanish city that lies on the shores of North Africa, and it was once considered a part of greater Malaga. Today, it enjoys autonomy but still maintains close links to Malaga freight port.

Freight ferries to Malaga from Melilla take approximately 3 hours, 45 minutes to arrive. The route is well-travelled and timetables are consistently reliable. There are seldom any issues with sending freight to Malaga, and customers enjoy speedy service from well-trained professionals.

Facilities at Malaga freight port have been perfected, as ferry traffic has long been a staple of the local economy. Customers and passengers enjoy a high level of service while passing through, and they’ll find everything from brand-new shops and restaurants to informative customer service kiosks and travel booking booths.

The most reliable way to arrange freight ferries to Malaga from Melilla or any other port in the region is by searching for the best online deals available. It’s advisable to do this well in advance of travel, as that assures there will be no surprises at the time of check-in.

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