Freight ferries to San Antonio

The port city of San Antonio is on the Balearic Island of Ibiza. It’s the second largest city on the island and sees consistent flow of freight traffic throughout the year. This has been a popular holiday destination for decades, and it has ample facilities. Balearia is the only ferry company with freight service to the port.

Potential customers are able to reserve freight ferries to San Antonio by making use of online booking services that provide prompt and reliable service. Booking online also allows you to save extra money over conventional booking methods thanks to the streamlined cost of online overheads. Many of these providers keep staff on hand to answer queries.

Freight ferries to San Antonio can cross over from Denia in two hours’ time. This is the only route currently in operation, and it works as a complement to the main Ibiza port, which sees a higher throughput of passenger and freight services. Balearia is the sole service provider, and the company maintains a high level of professionalism and efficiency.

Facilities at San Antonio freight port are sufficient for the relatively low level of traffic that this terminal sees. Passers-through can buy snacks and pick up sundries at the onsite shops. There is also an information desk and a place where tourists can inquire about local attractions.

The most sensible way to place a booking is to look for freight ferries to San Antonio with the help of an online engine. An early booking is most advisable, as this works toward eliminating last-minute disappointments and outright surprises.

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