Freight ferries to Santander

Capital of the Spanish province of Cantabria, Santander operates a secondary port that ushers freight into the northwest of Spain. This historic city is also a popular tourism attraction, so there is ample cause to justify the steady influx of ferry traffic. The main ferry provider in Santander is Brittany Ferries.

The easiest way to go about arranging freight ferries to Santander is to do so online. This often secures the best deals, and it also provides a fast and efficient portal to service. It’s also possible to book directly with Brittany Ferries, though this is unlikely to substantial savings.

Freight ferries to Santander cross from a pair of other port towns. Three times per week, a freight ferry from Portsmouth crosses (24 hours). There is also a once weekly crossing from Plymouth (19 hours, 30 minutes). These are the only two ports with regular service to Santander, and both are operated exclusively by Brittany Ferries.

Facilities at the freight port of Santander are basic but sufficient. Passengers and visitors will find a cafeteria on the ground level where they can pick up a bite to eat and a beverage. There are also a few newsstands and a gift shop onsite for basic shopping needs.

The most practical way of securing a good deal on freight ferries to Santander is to book through an online service. These days, online terminals like this can offer significant savings over worn-out methods of booking. Be sure to book as early as possible, as this ensures you’ll have prompt, hassle-free service when you arrive at check-in.

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