Freight ferries to Oslo

Norway’s capital and largest city, Oslo, is in the south of the country and receives a slew of freight ferries to Oslo from neighbouring regions with large ferry companies. It is the country’s main port and features outstanding facilities together with modern vessels.

The port is at the head of the long Oslofjord in the Norwegian south and the main freight ferries to Oslo services come in from Copenhagen, Kiel, and Frederikshaven via Color Line, DFDS Seaways, and Stena Line. There are also standard passenger services from Larvik, Kristiansand, and Hirtshals.

The crossing from Copenhagen in Denmark is a daily one aboard DFDS Seaways, with a crossing time of 16 hours, 15 minutes; while Color Line runs six crossing per week from Kiel in Germany at 19 hours, 30 minutes; and Stena Line’s Frederikshavn (Denmark) runs twice daily at 8 hours, 30 minutes.

Facilities onboard all services - DFDS Seaways, Color Line, and Stena Line – are excellent and include comfy seating, multiple snack bars and restaurants, as well as shopping and entertainment. They are fully wheelchair accessible and lifts serve the vehicle decks with freight ferries to Oslo.

The port at Oslo also has excellent facilities where you can obtain local currency, eat, drink and shop. It also features comfortable lounge areas and side attractions for long waits. The ferry terminal sits within is well connected to the city centre. It is only a five-minute walk to town, to boot. Oslo is the most altogether city in Norway and is loaded with fine buildings and hotels.

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