Freight ferries to Stavanger

Stavanger is in the Norwegian southwest and is one of the country’s main ports. It receives freight ferries to Stavanger from Bergen, farther north, as well as from Newcastle in England, aboard modern and well equipped ships. The best time to travel to Stavanger is during the summer months.

Freight ferries to Stavanger from Bergen go twice daily and take about four hours, while the trip from the cargo port of Newcastle in England goes twice a week and takes in the region of 18 hours, 30 minutes. Ferry operator DFDS Seaways operates this service and they are one of the biggest providers.

The Bergen trip is only a short hop and you can even by tickets onboard. It is, however, best to buy tickets ahead of time online and particularly from June to September. Freight ferries to Stavanger from Newcastle should always be booked ahead of time online as the service is limited.

Stavanger Ferry Port is a major port for Norway, handling around 1,000 ships a week. There are vending machines for snacks and drinks at the port, plus there is also a shop onsite along with toilets. The DFDS Seaways service from Newcastle is very well equipped with shops, cafés, and full-service restaurants, plus it also has cabins and entertainment.

Stavanger is about 200 miles from Oslo and 100 miles south of Bergen and you can easily get in by way of major highway on the return for freight ferries to Stavanger. Be sure to check out the collection of pleasant neighbourhoods while in Stavanger.

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